Industrial Training in PHP

PHP is the fastest growing web development language now. Many big and successful websites and applications are using PHP as a primary language for their developments.
There are so many career opportunities in PHP everywhere. Since PHP is a web development language, you can choose web development as your core expertise with PHP. Many successful websites from different domains like Social Networking, Web2.0, CMS,CRM and E-Commerce are developed using PHP. So,you can have opportunities in working above domains with PHP. Websites like Facebook, Yahoo and Wordpress use PHP a lot.Now PHP is used almost all kind of business domains. PHP has a strong open source community , which gives you classic products like Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress which are very strong platforms for website development.
Big brands are also using PHP. If you look at big internet brands like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Wordpress and many others, they use PHP a lot.In India, top brands as 

these all works in PHP. Many other top interent companies as,, and (InfoEdge) do projects in PHP. PHP CMS systems like Joomla and Drupal are used in many top and medium level organizations. Though, enterprise level projects are not much in PHP with big brands in India, but if you talk about B2C business model in websites, PHP comes at first position.
Many other medium level companies have strong projects and client base in PHP. Such companies are small in size but they pay very well to their employees. 
 PHP is an easy language and that’s the beauty of this. There are following core technical features of PHP.
1- PHP is object oriented language.
2- PHP has strong MVC architectures like Cake, Zend, Kohana etc.
3- PHP provides you easy database connectivity with all top databases.
4- PHP is platform independent.

It is a widely used open source general purpose language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. It is a general purpose scripting language that is especially suited to server side web development where PHP generally runs on a web server.

PHP module covers the following topics:

HTML with DIV tag & page slicing

CSS(cascade style sheet), JS(java script)

XAMP.WAMP setup and configuration.

PHP (complete)

MySql (complete database management)


Minor project

CMS (joomla/drupal/wordpress/magento/smarty)

WHM (C-panel use and administration)

FTP-access (site downloading and uploading methodology)

Major project

Hosting the site

LAMP setup and configuration

Web server (apache) configuration and customising web page errors(error 404, 403)

Ubuntu linux

The above module can be customised according to candidate's need.

Above written course content  can be customized
as per students  requirement  

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  1. This the best place where students can learn latest IT technologies like PHP, JAVA,DOT Net, LAMP,CCNA, Andriod etc..

  2. I am student i am interested in learning open source web development.
    Can some one please guide me about which technology i should choose during my industrial training.

    1. Hi tanvi

      I am a student of cbitss.
      By analysing your interest area , I would suggest you to join
      PHP + Mysql combo from cbitss for your training semester.
      As we know PHP is gaining popularity in web development domain
      very swiftly so a course in this area would be a right choice.

      All the best.